Terektinsky panorama (equestrian, ecological)

3 days / 2 nights, length 82 km


On the Terektinsky ridge with a visit to a waterfall and mountain lakes.

Arrival day: Free schedule. Power is not included.
Day 1: Acquaintance, briefing. Practical exercise with horses.
The first equestrian passage. Lunch and dinner in the field.
Day 2 – 4: Horse trekking in the mountain taiga, alpine tundra, alpine meadows to the Kur Kure waterfall.
Views at the top of Belukha and Uch-Enmek.
Day 5: Lake Arukem. Overnight at the lake.
Day 6: Return to the visit center. Concert, dinner with national dishes.
Recreation. Bathhouse
Day 7: Departure.


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