When visiting ritual places and heritage monuments, do not carry out any actions that change the appearance of the object, or lead to a change in its appearance, content, landscape (take ribbons, perform a ceremony, put or sign signs, take stones or plants, etc. .)

Visits to historical and cultural heritage monuments are made with the consent of the directorate of protected areas, according to the routes developed by them and accompanied by an employee - guide

Obligatory registration with the directorate of protected areas “Uch-Enmek” and receipt of a ticket

If you find a thing on the trail: inspect, hang or put in a prominent place

In settlements, heritage monuments do not walk in underwear, bathing suits or nudity (with the exception of specially designated places). Knee-length shorts, T-shirts or T-shirts are recommended.

If you meet other people on the trail, we recommend that you follow local customs:
a) he who walks from above greets first and gives way to the path;
b) riding a horse below greets first and gives way to walking

In the evening and at night, do not produce loud music in the lap of nature and in public places. Do not make noise or sing loud songs, do not cut or chop wood, and do not light the slopes with headlights and do not make large fires

At the passes and peaks, do not scream, do not throw off stones, do not chop branches and trees, even dry ones, do not light bonfires and do not arrange bivouacs

When meeting with wild animals: do not hunt them, do not scare, do not hunt

Only follow the route indicated in the recreational package

Stop and organize vacations in equipped places

When spending the night in shepherd parking:

  • Do not break or chop firewood, fences, hitch yards (hitch hitch ritual construction), etc.
  • After spending the night, leave firewood, matches, salt, crackers in the hut
  • Take out the garbage and take it to a landfill
  • Do not douse the fire in the ailas (pilots) with water, do not burn garbage at the stake, cans
  • Treat the fire with respect and reverence
  • It is allowed to feed the fire with non-salty foods
  • Do not hang or dry clothes on the crossbar above the bonfire. Remember: the space between the hearth and the pillar on which the crossbeams rest is sacred. There is no passage there. The stone lying on this place does not move, do not sit on it or do anything else on it – this is the altar. Remember Altai dwellings are spiritualized.

On the territory of the visit – the center of the park:

  • Smoke only in designated areas
  • No entry to the kitchen or office space
  • Do not walk around the territory and in public places (dining room, hotel, etc.) in swimsuits and underwear
  • Make bonfires only in designated areas
  • Do not use abusive words, do not turn on loud music and do not scream at any time of the day
  • It is forbidden to be drunk
  • Do not subscribe to walls and trees

Violation of the rules of conduct is an administrative violation and punishable by a finefrom 1000 rubles, in accordance with the charter of protected areas, or in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

Damage, theft of property is punishable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation