Preservation of natural monuments
and historical and cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the Altai Mountains

Creation of a spiritual and environmental noosphere laboratory at the Altai Academy of Natural Sciences (Synergetics)

Protection and development of the natural environment of the Altai Republic, according to the methods of the traditional ecological culture of the indigenous population

Organization of a unified territory management system based on the principles of landscape planning and an environmentally balanced economy

The development of spiritual and ecological tourism and their popularization as a priority activity in the territory of Gorny Altai

Organization of a system of new activities - design, creative, research for the formation of the basic competencies of modern man

Development and implementation of a model of indigenous involvement in state and international relations

The return of the lost (or scattered) elements of the heritage and the prevention of further export and theft

Attracting additional investments for the development of socio-economic and agro-industrial complex within the framework of the strategy of environmentally sustainable development of the territory

Recognition of the right of the intellectual collective ownership of the indigenous population to tradition, folklore, music, monuments of historical and cultural heritage and their elements

Comprehensive study of the relationship between man and nature