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Karakol Valley – sacred place
for Altai

In the Karakol Valley, which the Altai people consider sacred, there are many diverse religious monuments that are places of worship and rituals.

Bashadar burial grounds with sacrificial calculations and stone steles. The tract Nizhny Sooru is an equally mysterious place. According to legend, it was in this place, under a pile of stones, that the yellow demon Sarah Mongus was driven.
On the left bank of the Karakol River on Mount Bichiktu – Bom, you can see petroglyphs of different eras.

Another sacred place is Lake Arygem. with the purest spring water. And also, the healing mineral spring Arzhun – Suu.
Mount Uch – Enmek occupies a special place. She rises above everything and her stern silence catches her eye.

The cleanest air and pristine nature, alpine meadows, impenetrable taiga, mountains, lakes, free animals,
soaring birds – this is a place where you want to return.